A Review of Goodreads Reviews | Hayley Elizabeth
Have you ever noticed some book reviews on Goodreads are brutal? So much hate seems to come from readers for a variety of reasons. Not liking a book and not recommending it is one thing but tearing something apart seems so harsh. I read a book recently that I really rather enjoyed. After finishing it and rating it on Goodreads, I was reading some of the reviews for the book that absolutely trashed what I had just read and enjoyed. Like, am I suddenly wrong to like this book? It seemed that way. Of course, there were plenty of people who did in fact like the book and praised it. But it seems like there was a great divide. Either trash or treasure. All of this came from one of my writing friends who is a published author (#goals). I was telling her how I was creeping on all her book on Goodreads. She proceeded to tell me, “I never go on there.” She refuses to read any of her reviews on Goodreads. Until she pointed out just how mean some of the readers on the sight can be, did I realize she was right. Her mantra: do not engage. Anyway, I think it’s hard from not just from a reader’s perspective but a writer’s perspective. I know how damn hard it is to write a book. I like a balanced review. Things liked versus things not liked. I absolutely love all the bloggers who write book reviews. I think most bloggers do a nice job of digging deeper and reviewing a book in its entirety (and not just ranting). I want to make up my own mind in a way. If I trusted ever reviewer’s opinion, I’d never read another book! I mean that’s the nature of opinions. And the book that everyone seems to hate on the internet, heck it entertained me! That’s not a bad thing. I read it, I liked, I will probably read the rest of the series and be entertained. Not all books change my life but to be honest, this book was something I needed. A little inspiration and a little entertainment to get me into reading again. Because I really was in a massive reading slump. I mostly use Goodreads to track my books. I rarely engage in reviews or write them. (I do write reviews about books I enjoyed here on the ol’ blog). I don’t often rate books as 1 star. Or even 2 stars. Call me what you like but I just know that some books aren’t for me. And some books are. But I won’t completely shame or degrade a book if it’s not for me. Simple writing doesn’t bother me. But then it must have a compelling plot. Or if the plot is not that interesting, the writing needs to be good. But hey, this is just me. I’m a simple creature who likes books that some people trash on the internet. All of this is coming from a place of fear. I am getting closer and closer to having my book, my labor of love, out in the world. How will I face when my book gets (hopefully) reviewed on the internet? This is why I have been more absent from my blog lately. I’m not apologizing for that, I’m just saying that I have been working on bigger projects. I’ve been researching literary agents, attempting to draft a query letter, and finishing writing draft three of my book Lady of Despair and Destiny. Not to mention, I am building a thick skin to prepare for all the rejection to come. Happy Reading and Writing- Related