5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to a Safety Razor | Hayley Elizabeth
Safety razors can seem a little scary. I switched from disposable razors to my gorgeous safety razor two years ago. It has been such an easy transition! It was a bit daunting to use it the first time, but I watched a good many video tutorials. I have never seriously cut myself with my safety razor! This post was not sponsored; I just adore my safety razor from The Copper Hat. But there are plenty of other safety razor options out there. And you might get lucky and find one-second hand! 1. The environment This is the real reason I switched to a safety razor. They are incredibly sustainable. Safety razors are made completely of metal which can be melted down and reused forever. The blades are cheap and recyclable too. 2. Your wallet Buying a safety razor is a bit pricey and requires an initial upfront cost. But you will save money in the long run! The replacement blades are incredibly cheap, costing as little as $0.25 a blade. I replace the blade of my razor about once every two to four months. After two years, I’m still on my first package of ten blades. I have seen many safety razors at antique shops so you could buy one at a reasonable price second-hand. I’ve seen razors at antique stores that are over fifty years old and they are perfectly well to use. Speaking of… 3. Longevity This razor will last your entire life and beyond! With the right care, the metal will keep in perfect condition for decades. Storing your razor in a cabinet (as opposed to the humid shower) will prevent rust. 4. Your health Many razors have built-in creams and other potentially toxic chemicals on the head of the razor. A safety razor really is just a single blade. I use bar soap as a lather before shaving. It works perfectly! There are specific shaving soaps and creams out there too if you’re keen. 5. Peace of mind You’ll never have to remember to buy razors again! Think of how much plastic you’ll avoid. Even just this small switch helps send that much less to the landfill. And honestly, I think the safety razor is a closer shave! And yes, you can shave everywhere. Would you be interested in a how-to use a safety razor guide? I’d just have to get up the gumption to show my bare leg on the internet! But really this one of the happiest switches I made on my journey to go zero waste. Happy Day- Related