Bullet Journal: May 2019 | Hayley Elizabeth
So, I’m going to run out of pages. Yup, there is no getting around the fact that I will not be able to fit all of 2019 in my bullet journal like I wanted. With this realization, I’m now expanding each month and putting all the pages I want. No longer will I only try to squeeze a month into six pages. I love it! I have so much more room to play around with different layouts. Monthly Layout As usual, I create my monthly layout ahead of my weekly pages. And this page (while super cool) doesn’t go with the other pages as you’ll see. But I always like to plan ahead by the month before I create my weeks so it happens. Weekly Layouts So the reason my theme didn’t go to plan was because I made plans! I’m going to Florida! I’m visiting one of my best friends who I haven’t seen in almost a year and a half. She’s lives close to Orlando so of course we’ll be hitting up Disney. My theme ended up going yellow for my Star Wars doodles! I left plenty of room in the middle to journal my trip. We are both huge Star Wars and Carrie Fisher fans. (I would highly recommend reading Carrie Fisher’s memoirs. Amazing.) And we’re celebrating May the Fourth together at Magic Kingdom after hours! I’m so exited! We both have costumes too. To fit with my new yellow theme for Star Wars, I created a minimalist layout with the same color scheme. I just loved how it turned out. Here’s a closer look. The subtle watercolor works really well for bullet journals in my opinion. And I’ve been doing that the last two months. You can see my April bujo here. Month Review The left side has my spread for the last week of May and then a cool monthly review on the right side. I was inspired by an Instagram post to have a reflection type section at the end of the month. Brain Dump Sometimes things don’t go to plan like my brain lettering! Oh, well. It’s not about being perfect! The act of creating and trying is enough. I do rather like the bottom corner of this bujo spread. Those are my bullet journal spreads for May! I’m tempted to do an “after the pen” post at the end of the month showcasing all my pages filled in. Would you like to see something like that? Let me know in the comments below. Tag a friend who loves Disney or Star Wars or both! Happy Day- Related