My Zero Waste Kit: What's in my Bag | Hayley Elizabeth
One of the first changes I made going Zero Waste was to make sure I had everything I should ever need in my favorite bookish tote bag. I carry all the things that will help me refuse unwanted plastic and wasteful products. I’ve curated a lot of my things over the last two or three years and I’m happy with everything that I own. And a majority of it I bought second hand at my local thrift shop! On the Go Bag I love my Virginia Woolf tote bag from Out of Print! I’ve used it since January 2017 and it has honestly seen the world with me. (See my travel section. I think in about half of the pictures of me I’m carrying this bag!) I’ve had to soak it in bleach a couple of times but wow has this thing held up. Plus it’s made of cotton which is great for the environment. It even has a cheeky little inside pocket where I keep my keys and my lip balm. Here what’s in my bag at any given time (going clockwise): Second-hand wallet (purple and bow? sold) My own DIY Lip Balm Thrifted hankie Scrunchie and hair clip (hand me downs from my mom) Mirror (from when I was a kid) Menstrual cup Flowery zipper pouch Thrifted tiffin metal container Thrifted cloth napkin To-go bamboo utensil kit Bamboo straw (stored in my utensil kit) Nalgene water bottle (I think I’ve had this for six years now) Ceramic travel mug Now, I do not usually carry all of these things in my bag at one time. If I’m going out to dinner, for example, I usually take my wallet and the metal tiffin in case there is leftover food. I actually did get the three tired metal tiffin second hand! My best friend saw it at the thrift store and purchased it for my birthday last November. How crazy is that? In my blue flowery zipper pouch, I keep a mirror, menstrual cup, emergency asthma inhaler, a couple of squares of toilet paper, and some Bobby pins. A girl has got to be prepared! Plus living in Spain taught me to never leave the house without bringing toliet paper. Cloth Bulk Bags When I go grocery shopping, I throw in a couple of my own cloth and mess shopping bags. I made these all myself! I have four medium sized cloth drawstrings bags with embroidered flowers on them so I can tell them apart. I also have two mess drawstring bags and one super lightweight drawstring bag that I use to buy tea in bulk at Wegmans. Here are all the bags that I use: a tote bag, mesh bags, and cloth bags. Pretty simple but durable and easily washable. One thing that’s not mentioned here is my phone! Yup, I think that’s the last thing that I throw into my bag every day. I actually use my phone to take all my pictures for the blog! What do you carry around every day? I’d love to hear how you reduce waste on the go! Happy Day- Related