Book Review Favorite: Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver | Hayley Elizabeth
This book is seriously an old love of mine that I read in high school and that I regularly return to. Who cares how old you are! A good story never gets old. I seem to return to this book every winter because well shiver. This book is about the werewolves of Mercy Falls. What makes this book utterly unique is that the werewolves change, not by the moon, but by the season, by the warmth (or lack of warmth) in the weather. This is one of the first books that made me fall in love with contemporary fantasy. Plus there’s an absolutely sweet love story. Sam and Grace have a slow burn through the trees of Grace’s backyard. When a kid at Grace’s high school is “killed” by the wolves, the town tries to take the problem into their own hands. Grace who was attacked by wolves as a child, is used an example of their viciousness. But Grace loves the wolves and will do anything to keep them from harms way. If you’ve never read any of Stiefvater’s books, then you are missing out on some gorgeous writing. I marvel at her ability to blend emotion, action, and description in one scene. Backstories come out gradually and at just the right moment. Plus what makes any good book a good book, the characters. The characters are unique and jump off the page. They each have their quirks and I love each and every one of them. Sam and Grace might be my OTP. Like seriously, original. Have you read any of Maggie Stiefvater’s books? Which one is your favorite? Oh, and what’s your OTP? Or do you have multiple like me. Because really, who has just one. Happy Reading- Related