Bullet Journal: March 2019 | Hayley Elizabeth
Okay, so this month I decided to take my time while creating my pages. And it’s really worked out for the better! (See last month’s here.) By planning and getting inspired by other bullet journals, I feel like this month’s pages are clean. I’m still figuring out my style and what works best for me, but sometimes minimalist designs look so sharp! Plus, they’re functional which is honestly the point of bullet journals in the first place: practicality. All I used this month was pink watercolor on the monthly page, a black pen, and two pink markers. All things I had in my junk drawer! Monthly Layout This month, I figured out what to put in the sidebar next to my calendar. Along with a reminder of monthly tasks, I also put a goal tracker. This will help me achieve my resolutions and record my progress. I also included a theme for the month which gives me an affirmation to focus on. Weekly Layouts Brain Dump Do you use a bullet journal and where do you find ideas? I definitely get inspired by Pinterest and the time of the year. Spring just makes me think of flowers and I’m so looking forward to seeing some start to bloom outside. Happy Day- Related