El Camino de Santiago Photo Diary | Hayley Elizabeth
June 2018 Last June, my brother and I walked 460 km of the French Way of El Camino de Santiago, the way of Saint James, in northern Spain. It’s a medieval pilgrimage through Spain and ends in Santiago. The remains of Saint James are in the cathedral of Santiago. Make sure to read my reflection of my first experience (because there will hopefully be another). It’s much more powerful and I think really captures my experience more than this photo diary. I also journaled every single day of the walk. (And recorded everything I experienced in painstaking detail.) That journal is very personal and well, long. I wrote an average of 6 pages for each day. And my brother and I walked for 21 days… Please go and check out this other blog post I wrote with some pictures of my actual journal and some tips for how to write while hiking. But, the way was stunning. Honestly, I didn’t take a lot of photos! I usually take so many pictures but while walking it was laborious to get my phone out of my bag to take a picture. Plus when you’re walking it’s slow going so to the walker it seems like I was seeing the same thing over and over again. Here are my pictures for my first time walking el Camino de Santiago! It was seriously such a privilege to do this pilgrimage at the end of my time living in Spain. I would recommend it to anyone! Buen Camino! Related