Permalinks for Blog Posts | WP Decoder
I've said this before, but there are still people not following this simple rule. For SEO purposes and ease of finding things, you should set your permalinks to : /%category%/%postname%/ One reason is that not using a category in front of your blog post URL's means that every blog post is weighted equally with your other pages of your website. If you have a business, you probably don't want to do that. Another reason is that category name will help give some information about the blog post. This can be set in your dashboard under Settings > Permalinks. Then be sure to actually add some categories. Aand be sure to change that default category "uncategoriezed" to something meaningful to your business, or at the very least, change it to "blog". If your site is not new, be aware that this will cause some 404 issues to any links that you have out there on social media and any blog posts that have already been indexed. You will have to do redirects for those. The best time to make this