Recommended Plugins | WP Decoder
People always ask about which plugins are the best to use. The answer is different for everyone, but here is my list of the plugins I have used and find useful. I believe that you should keep plugin usage to a minimum, as it can bog down your website and old plugins can comprise your website security, but there are some plugins that really add value to your site. Essential Google XML Sitemaps This is the one for Google. It does an excellent job of making sure the right pages are indexed. WP Realtime Sitemap I think all websites should have a sitemap for people as well as for Google. I had a hard time finding any plugins at all that take care of this, but this one seems to work well, although I wish it would list the items in two columns. Overall, though, it works well and fits the bill. Captcha See more below under security, but this is a super easy plugin that helps protect your site so there is no reason not to be using it. Anti-spam If you are having any problems with spam comments