Collapsing Toolset Filters with the Collapse-O-Matic Plugin | WP Decoder
As you already know from my last couple of posts, I've been loving Toolset because it lets you filter your archive pages. But sometimes a large number of filters can get out of hand and make your page too long. That's when it's a good idea to collapse your filters using the Collapse-O-Matic plugin. I love this Collapse-O-Matic plugin because it lets you use shortcode to allow your titles to collapse and expand. First, here's an example of some filters where I have used this plugin: Here is my Views code BEFORE I added the Collapse-O-Matic code: Biology And here it is after: Biology'] You can see that I have just taken the basic Collapse-O-Matic shortcode, which is: And substituted my Views label for the trigger text and then enclosed the filters in the shortcode. Make special note that I had to wrap the trigger text in single quotes instead of double quotes so it wouldn't interfere with the other double quotes within the Views shortcode. I should also note that since I prefer to