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I usually recommend removing the archives by date in the sidebar because who really searches posts by date anyway? No one says, "I wonder what they were writing about in May of 2016?" However, this client is a wedding photographer, so people might actually be looking for a friend who they knew got married at a certain time. However, she's been doing this a lot of years and the months and years list was really taking up a lot of space. That's why we decided to use Better Archives Widget. Better Archives Widget will allow you to show a list of years only, however, when you hover over the years, you can see the list of months as well. Here's how it looks on my site: Full disclosure, I did use a little CSS to style this so there was more differentiation between the months and the years. Here's the CSS I added to the style.css file: #sidebar .widget ul li.baw-year a {font-size: 105%; margin-bottom: 7px;color:#000;} #sidebar .widget ul li.baw-month a {font-size:95%; color:#666;} You can