Blogging – A Great Tool for Developers | WP Decoder
When I originally created this blog four years ago, it was mainly as a collection of notes to myself, a guidebook on best practices for dealing with complicated coding issues. So when I saw Sal Ferrarello at WordCamp US talking about how he did the same thing, it really felt really familiar. I highly recommend developers keep a blog of their own. When working as a developer, you often deal with similar issues months apart and it's easy to forget all of your time consuming research months later, so taking notes is essential. WordPress is an amazing way of categorizing and tagging notes and sorting them by date, so why not use something so simple and obvious to keep track of your notes to help your future self and others? In his talk, Sal covers the reasons he blogs and why you should too. Thanks, Sal for a great presentation! Here is a link to his blog post about the topic for your reading pleasure: https://salferrarello.com/blogging/