11 Rules to Break to Set Yourself Free
I’m Amy Matthews. Founder of Woman UnRuled. I am a high performance consultant and a community builder. I help progressive women find their authentic power and realize their highest potential of success. We hold ourselves back because we’ve bought into the rules of society and our cultural programming. Here are some ways we limit ourselves: Striving to be perfect. Dumbing down to be liked and accepted. Living by patriarchal “shoulds” vs living by your own authority. The truth is: Imperfection is where it’s at. Playing small is not interesting. Leading from your heart and being vulnerable is IN. I help you Break Free from the shackles. At Wisdom 2.0, we’ll walk through my “11 Rules to Break to Set Yourself Free”. Once you Break Free, you will feel more empowered, confident and inspired to make your mark on the world. This is for Everyone. We all need to #Breakfree!