0=∞=1, the Deepest Wisdom of Human Mind, which Reveals the Secret of the Universe
Akinori Utsumi is a lecturer and the general manager of NR Group’s new project in the U.S., NR AMERICA. In 1996, Jesu Noh, the chariman of NR Group, discovered the world of 0=∞=1, which is a mathematical expression of the root of the universe. Since then, NR Group has developed an original educational system based on Noh’s discovery, which now we call Ninshiki Technology. What we humankind perceive as reality is not actually reality; it is a part of a vast matrix projected through the brain. With Ninshiki Technology, we can understand the hidden mechanisms of the universe and acquire a new sense of turning our universe back to a complete zero-base. And the realm of meta-perception with 0=∞=1 fosters human perceptual ability, human dignity, and potentialities. Utsumi's video titled