Adding the Wisdom of Your Body Intelligence to your IQ and EQ For Better Business Decisions (Or What Are Your Feelings Really Saying?)
It’s sometimes said there are no feelings in business, but you know that’s not true. Knowing the wisdom of your core feelings (anger, sadness, fear, joy and creative energy) as decision-making data supports your evolution as a conscious leader. Conscious leaders take 100 percent responsibility for their impact on the world and create workplaces where people change easily and without drama. One fundamental way they do this is to use all their intelligence -- BQ (body intelligence) + EQ (emotional intelligence) + IQ. With this information, conscious leaders know in any moment if they are above the line in trust and openness or below the line in fear and defensiveness. Meg Dennison is a conscious leadership coach. She works with The Conscious Leadership Group and www.megdennison.com, where she runs Big Leap Masterminds, small coach-led groups supporting entrepreneurs to move through fear and raise their internal thermostat for success.