Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Exist. Here’s What to Do Instead
Work life balance is a myth. The more we strive for “balance,”, the more we’re met with frustration and feelings of guilt and inadequacy. What if you could live in a way that honors you as a WHOLE person? A way that allows you to prioritize the things that bring you to life, boost your energy, support your body, and feel meaningful to YOU? In this interactive talk, you’ll learn: - My simple, foolproof way to prioritize the things that matter to YOU (even if you have a to-do list a mile long) - The surprising mindset shift you must make in order to effectively integrate work and life - 3 (almost magical) ways to reduce stress and increase mindfulness anywhere, anytime Give me 18 minutes, and I’ll transform your approach to “work-life balance” – and set you up for more energy, increased productivity, and a renewed sense of presence in your life.