Thunderheart Leadership: Taking a Stand for Love
We will come together at the 2017 Wisdom 2.0 less than a month after the inauguration of the new U.S. President. How do we create a new narrative for ourselves, our communities and our planet? How do we each access the power of connecting with, and speaking from, the heart? Join Amy Sandler, a Harvard MBA/UCLA MFA screenwriter turned mindfulness teacher and professional speaker, as she tells the story of Thunderheart Leadership, the transformational training company she launched in 2016. Let’s harness the power of revolutionary storytelling as we take a stand for love! With more than 20 years in senior roles in organizations including YPO, UCLA and Vistage, Amy is a certified breathwork meditation teacher, four-time firewalker and certified teacher of the Search Inside Yourself program developed at Google. (And thanks to special guest star BiBi, the dog with a huge heart, a shrill bark, and wildly-bright eyes.)