Co-director, Ratna Ling Retreat Center
MANDALA OF THE FIVE WISDOMS. For centuries, the study of the Tibetan Buddhist Mandala has been used to broaden our awareness of our natural world, which helps us to connect to all living beings. Each section of the mandala represents one of the four cardinal directions, plus the center. There is a color, an element, a negative emotion, and a wisdom experience associated with each one. Through meditative practice, we have the ability to transform these negative emotions into wisdom experiences. Anger converts to mirror-like wisdom (reflecting calmness), pride to equanimity, greed to investigative wisdom, jealousy to all-accomplishment and ignorance to pure openness. The more we learn about the mandala, the more we see how these aspects of our world can come together to change a life mired in mundane existence into one inspired by both the beauty of our external world and the deep peacefulness within ourselves.