Asparagus and chick pea salad - Willpower Is For Fat People
A coworker of mine is pregnant. And a vegetarian. And when her doctor suspected she might have gestational diabetes, she had to cut back on the bread and pasta, which didn't leave much for her to eat except vegetables. I mentioned the asparagus and shrimp salad I'd made before, and told her you could easily leave out the shrimp and it would be mostly asparagus and chick peas. She loves chick peas, but doesn't like asparagus. "Hmm," I thought to myself, "I didn't like asparagus either until I learned to roast it. Yumm. Then I tried blanching. Yumm again. Now I like asparagus, just not canned asparagus." So I told her I'd make some and bring it for lunch. She tried it. Now she likes asparagus, too.