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Paper | Planning tools | Printables These are the tools that we use to manage home, consider days, and to steward the gift of time and resources. I hope that you'll find here a few papers that might be of use. They are all free for your use - you may print and use directly, or you may use these printables for inspiration for something that fits you better. You are welcome to share these printables freely - all I ask is that you point back to this blog, wildflowers & marbles, as the source. I have organized files into categories which can be found through the pages organized under the Printables tab. If you're looking for lesson plans and booklists, you can find every grade (usually more than one iteration of a single grade) under the Printables --> Home Education tab. Shortcuts: Elementary booklists and lesson plans Middle School booklists and lessons plans High School booklists and lesson plans Copyright note All original written and photographic material on this site