The Simplified Teacher Planner | A Review | Wildflowers and Marbles
In the world of lesson planning, I must admit - I am particular. Having been a home educator for 18 years has taught me to appreciate a few key elements of lesson planners and lesson planning in general. After all, with 5 kids, I've taught Kindergarten 5 times, 12th grade twice now, and all the grades in between for a grand total of 41 years worth of Kindergarten through 12th grade. (woah!) And that friends, has given me a lot of practice when it comes to lesson planning! There are so many lesson planning tools out there - both in paper and digital form. In 18 years, I've come to appreciate a small group of them because I've found they meet the changing and varied needs of teaching a spectrum of grades, from high school to preschool, throughout a given day. I look for organization, versatility, function, and durability. I plan a lot, but sometimes I do like to journal (read: backplan) and I want that ability, too. I want quality paper and a beautiful layout that is intuitive.