The Simplified Planner | A Paper Tool For Every Season | Wildflowers and Marbles
Here we are again, at the start of spring and staring at all the potential around us! The weather is glorious and our schedules are beginning to fill with all the activities and priorities that come with a new season! This time of year is a time of new potential in so many areas, and to meet that need planner companies are rolling out new planners full of different cover designs and features that are paper tools to help us meet our days. There is nothing magical in a planner - not in any planner! Like any tool, they require the worker's hands, mind, and heart to carve out of them a work that reflects the beauty of a given day. There is beauty in the full day of the mom at home with 3 littles all under the age of 6. There is beauty in the day of the single mom who is doing her absolute best to love into every moment of her kids' lives. There is beauty in the day of the young woman who works all day! And there is beauty in the day of the retired woman whose children may be