Dear Homeschooling Mom: February Is a Time To Refresh | Wildflowers and Marbles
February is here. Any homeschooler knows what that means. Burnout season. I choose to view it differently, and after 18 years of homeschooling, this February time of reflection has come to be one of the most important times of our year for considering some of our habits, routines and spaces anew - and refreshing! By February, here's what is usually happening in an average homeschooling family (and I'm definitely including my little family in this grouping)….. Somewhere from a smattering of disorder to all out chaos in terms of "stuff" (usually attributable to the happy influx around Christmas)A real erosion of habit training (usually also a direct result of holiday scheduling and the garden variety of normal, everyday happenings)An awareness that we planned a bit too much over the summer months in terms of lessons, and books to be read, and projects to be accomplished, and reports, and field trips, and, and, and…An awareness that we haven't accomplished nearly as much as we thought