Living With Autoimmune Disease | A Beginning | Wildflowers and Marbles
I wanted so much to start this post as a narrative, one that holds your hand and winds its way through my story sharing the shadows and surprises and leads you, along with me, to a place of discovery and peace. But the truth is, my diagnosis with an Autoimmune Disease was a bit of a shock. And the past 11 years spent living with it, while certainly a journey, have left me stumbling and tripping and grieving and learning to detach and accept that this cross is mine. And the journey - it is lifelong. I just can't find the right narrative to gently walk you into this, and I've sputtered around for more than a week getting tangled up in words and efforts to do so and none of it felt authentic - so...let's just rip off this bandaid. First, this post is probably long overdue. For years I didn't share here about my Autoimmune disease because it just wasn't a fit and truthfully, it just wasn't something I was ready to share. For some time I didn't share it because it was overwhelming enough