2019 Planner Lineup – Tools That Leverage My Day | Wildflowers and Marbles
Look around - on desks and counters and tables across the world there are beautiful, shiny, new planners - all full of the potential and possibility of a blank canvas. The days we anticipate, goals we hope to accomplish, lists waiting to be listed, the season we live, responsibilities and duties folded in with fun and relaxation - it all moves across the pages of a planner. And every new year, we delight in considering which new planner will be the tool, the paper canvas on which we will paint our days. And I am just as much a part of that planner decision fun! For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed a relationship with paper. It is tangible and beautiful and linear, and for a visual learner like me, it is an essential container and tool. And what's more, for someone that appreciates and craves as a necessity the dimension of beauty in every single ordinary corner of the day, there is a necessity that any paper tool of mine express itself as functional AND beautiful. Now.