Around The Year with The von Trapp Family – A Review | Wildflowers and Marbles
Several years ago, when my children were still quite young and I was eager to find any connection I could to the rich treasures I knew to be woven into the liturgical year, a dear friend of mine shared her knowledge of a resource which illuminated so much of my path, Around The Year with the von Trapp Family by Maria August Trapp. Maria!!! Whom I fell in love with in The Sound of Music, and who, it turns out, wrote a beautiful book detailing the riches of living their treasured Catholic faith. As you know if you have memorized every single line of "The Sound of Music" (and I'm not saying that I have or anything), the von Trapp family fled Nazi occupied Austria after refusing to sing for Hitler's birthday party, left their beloved homeland, and eventually settled in America (Vermont specifically). While the movie may not represent with complete historical accuracy the family that we fell in love with on-screen, it was based on some of the true