Erin Condren 2018-2019 Life Planner – Review of all the Newness | Wildflowers and Marbles
Every year, in early May, Erin Condren releases her new Life Planners for the year. With over 1.5 million Life Planners sold and 1 million followers, that date is eagerly anticipated. Erin Condren fans voice their delight at having a quality planner with thoughtfully considered details and beautiful accessories in a paper planner system. I count myself among those that have been loyally following and using this brand for years!! Initially drawn to the beautiful designs and functional layout, I come back year after year for the sophisticated and trendy designs that are layered into one of the most functional planners on the market. Practical and pretty - a match made in heaven! If you're considering your first Erin Condren Life Planner, sit down in your favorite chair with your favorite drink and get ready! This planner brand doesn't disappoint. My review will be honest and detailed with pictures of every page and accessory so you can make the best decision possible! (And for you first