Join me and let's REFRESH – planning! | Wildflowers and Marbles
Conference season really kicks into swing this summer, but many of us could use a little shot in the arm and friendly encouragement right about....now! In February. For home educators, February is historically a season fraught with second-guessing, perhaps a slump in motivation, or even an impulsive desire to change every single book and curriculum that was on the schedule for the first part of the year. Our reflections can leave us in a dizzying state and set us up for discouragement. But it doesn't have to be that way! Let's reclaim February - as the season to REFRESH! Mary Ellen Barrett is hostessing a live (FREE) webinar conference on Friday, February 23, with a lineup of speakers all geared to help YOU consider (or re-consider), refresh, and find inspiration in the beauty within your ordinary! And I happen to be amongst the lineup of speakers! Edited to add: Friends, the Homeschool Connections website is experiencing technical difficulties due to an issue completely out of their