Powersheets Goal Planner – Walk Your Plans from Idea to Reality | Wildflowers and Marbles
I sat back in my chair with my cup of coffee. It was brisk outdoors but warm within. I gave myself permission to just sit for a moment. The frosty windows communicated a sense of warmth and coziness within our home that I dearly loved about the season, but I felt my heart and mind skim right over that awareness of cozy and jump squarely into tumult. Today we would begin to prepare the home for Advent. As I sat there in my chair my mind ran through a thousand "things" that needed to happen. Potty training (one daughter). Wedding planning (another daughter). Homeschool planning (for four kids). Blogging and sharing. Conference planning. Menu planning. Hospitality to exercise. And then there was Advent. A quiet time of preparation for the Divine Infant. Quiet? Not in my mind. I could barely wrap my head and heart around the books and delights of the season that I longed to sink into because I was mentally juggling every detail of every to-do of EVERY-thing. There was a definite sense of