October Feast Table for Our Lady of Fatima | Wildflowers and Marbles
"Feasts reach them all." Pope Pius XI October is a rich month, liturgically speaking! The month is dedicated to the Holy Rosary, and it contains some big feasts - like the Feast of the Guardian Angels and St. Therese. (See last year's October Feast Table) As many of you know, I love to set up a small table - which we call our Feast Table. The Feast table is named after the Feasts on the Roman Catholic Church's calendar for the liturgical year and is a place set aside for seasonal displays that reflect the rhythmical and beautiful Church year. We follow the 1962 calendar for the Extraordinary Form (The Latin Mass). The Church's year has so much depth and history - we could spend a lifetime setting up these little seasonal displays and still not plumb its depth. The Feast Table has been a simple way of anchoring our family to the rich traditions and celebrations of the Church year. I've been doing this - changing out books and stories, statues and vignettes - every month and season