Reading People: A Review – How Knowing and Serving Walk Hand-In-Hand | Wildflowers and Marbles
I have been a long-time fan of Anne Bogel. You might know her better as Modern Mrs. Darcy. Her podcast is fabulous, but I'm a devoted fan of her blog. If I'm in a reading lull or need a quick shot of reading inspiration, she's my go-to! So when I heard she had a book coming out I knew I'd be in line! And fortunately, I got to be a part of the Reading People pre-launch team which means I got an advance copy (!!! how-cool-is-that !!!) to pre-read, review and share with you so that you'd know exactly what to expect when Anne's book releases on September 19 (which is right around the corner)! So. Reading people. Yep. We are. And so...I thought, how perfect is this? And this book is a perfect fit, but not in the way I might have initially thought. Read on, my reading friends! Yes, we do live a lifestyle that is full of books - we are "reading people." However, Anne's book isn't so much about people that read, as it is about reading (the verb: seeing, knowing, understanding, taking-in) the