This & That: Notes From This Little Corner | Wildflowers and Marbles
Full. That's what life is. Full. Blessedly full. Decidedly full. Considered and full. I felt a little twinge of...something...I don't know...weird, maybe...when I posted back-to-back-to-back planner reviews. LOL! You know, I do actually do stuff besides planning! LOL! But I had these great opportunities to share with you...and besides, it is fun to look at planners and take pictures! Today, I really wanted to say hello, and share a little more of the personal side of my full life these days. Sarah, our oldest daughter, was married in May. Wow! Moms of married kids, you know how bittersweet that is. It's wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! We love our new son-in-law so much, and mostly my heart is overflowing with joy for this young couple. But of course, there are those realizations - she's not coming downstairs to get her coffee and visit for a few minutes before work. She's not coming home in the evenings. Her witty conversation won't join ours at our dinner table as much anymore. All