2017 Dayspring Planner Review | Wildflowers and Marbles
What a treat! Today I get to review and share with you the five brand new, never before seen planners that Dayspring has created! I'm often invited to review different planners; I'm always grateful for the invitation, but I usually say no thank-you. If I take the time to take detailed photos and really review something for you then I really have to believe in the product and company. When DaySpring offered to send me their new 18 month planners to review I didn't have to think long - I've long been a fan of DaySpring, and I knew that I'd love to peek at the planners they came up with. And I'm so glad I did - they're stunning! And you get to peek inside today, too - because they sent these planners to me before they're officially launched! Let's get to some details first! You can access all of the new Dayspring Planners and Accessories here!! These are 18-month, horizontal layout planners. There are 5 cover design options to choose from. The coil is a heavy duty gold tone coil. The