2017-18 Simplified Planner: Reviewing | Planning | Keeping the Day Together | Wildflowers and Marbles
Well, friends, it's planner season! And that means I have a few planner-posts for you to consider here! Today, I'm going to share a review post for the planner that has recently become a cornerstone for me - the 2018 Emily Ley Simplified Planner. My posts are photo heavy, and this one is no exception. Here's your invitation to click away now if planner tools aren't inspiring! However, if you're looking for details about the 2018 Calendar Year Emily Ley Simplified Planner, I think you'll find photos and ideas here to consider! I'm so glad to have you along! :) Updated September 6 - this post has been updated with links to reflect the newly released calendar year Emily Ley Simplified Planners as well as the new accessories. If you're looking for the Academic Planner (pictured throughout this post) you can find them here. I'll share about the two formats that Emily offers in her planner - both the Daily Planner and the Weekly Planner - and how I'm using the Daily to keep all the