Planning Series: Know Thyself! Planning with the Temperament God Gave You | Wildflowers and Marbles
Have you ever considered that you have a planning temperament? A style that is all your own that determines why and how you tend to look at, consider, record and execute plans? Thinking deeper about planning is good for me - it jogs my brain cells and prompts me to think, "well, why do I do something like this anyway?" And thinking deeper always prompts foundational questions...the kind you really need to think about and address before you can say, "I do something this particular way." Because what if my answer is like a foreign language to you? And it probably would be if we don't tackle one of those foundational ideas first - your temperament - and particularly your planning temperament. I really believe that your planning will stall quickly unless it is intuitive to you, and I think understanding and considering how your temperament factors into planning is worthwhile. I have to be clear {or...here's the disclaimer} I'm not an expert in temperaments: I haven't studied them for