Planning: Let's Follow Up! | Wildflowers and Marbles
This post began as an announcement for a live web chat on the topic of planning with Mystie, Dawn and myself. The 2-part planning series was a huge hit and we all enjoyed visiting so much! You can still.... Sign up with your email address and listen to the chats! THEY'RE FREE! I collected all the different questions you asked after our first planning chat as well as those that the second chat generated and I have them organized and indexed below. This post will now serve as an index for follow-up posts with thoughts, ideas, links, resources and printables. If you have another question to add - something you'd like to see covered or uncovered - drop me a note in the comment box below. This will be an ongoing project, so check back! GENERAL PLANNING & PLANNER Planning. I love the thought of it and I love it when I do it properly, but I am so bad lately at maintaining any kind of planning rhythm. I need help with planning the planning time! How do you go about determining what is