On the Feast Table this October: The Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels | Wildflowers and Marbles
It's been so long since I've shared about our Feast Table, and I've resolved to change that! I want to share more ideas and resources that our family enjoys as part of our Feast Table and Liturgical Year observances. Over the years, our Feast Table has changed and moved, but it remains an anchor for our family's observance of the liturgical year. Very simply, it is a place (it can be a shelf, table, mantle, deep window sill - think outside the box here!) for liturgical year items to land so that they can have a place of honor for the month. I change our displays with each month, and also with the big seasons (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter). I set out reading (mostly picture books), holy cards, sacred art, and small items that serve to connect the family to the Feast we're preparing to celebrate. Some months are very simple on the Feast Table, while other seasons, as you can imagine, there are many wonderful things to add to the Feast Table. The Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels is