Rebuilding Culture: The Family Rosary | Wildflowers and Marbles
October is the month of the Holy Rosary, and the Rosary is such a strong anchor for families - a powerful weapon in this battle we're in the middle of - that any efforts to rebuild culture will be futile without it. I thought I'd share some ideas for praying the Rosary as a family because...I know that it's challenging with toddlers in the mix. But this is perhaps THE best habit to begin while they're little. The example of Mom and Dad praying...and then through the years adding siblings praying...those examples are powerful for little ones! They set a tone of family prayer and begin to inform the family culture in powerful ways! Take the time to brainstorm ways to carve out 20 minutes of your day so you can make it happen in your family! Praying the Rosary, every day, will probably go farther in rebuilding culture than we will ever know in our lifetime! In this post, I'm excited to share some ideas with you, and a couple of tools for your own arsenal! I've got a Rosary printable