Truth & Beauty: Rebuilding Culture By Doing the Next Thing | Wildflowers and Marbles
I've been doing some bigger picture thinking - you know the kind I mean? When you "zoom out" with your vision in light of everything, taking it all in while keeping your own family in focus. It has been hard for me not to default into this wider scope or focus of thought with all that is going on in our culture-at-large. Elections, Supreme Court decisions, a deeply troubling erosion of truth - objective, knowable truth. I'm specifically avoiding specifics here - because I'm not sure getting specific is actually helpful to me. It keeps me spinning around and around in ideas that are diabolically ordered toward chaos. So my thoughts invariably leave me wondering: How do I fit in to this "conversation"? Do I fit at all? What now with my family? How can I make a difference? How can this little family, which is where God put me, begin to rebuild a culture? Because that's where I am. And, if you're still reading...that's probably where you are too. The answers are beginning to distill