Charlotte Mason Teaching Tuesdays: The Fine Art of Education | Wildflowers and Marbles
This series is long overdue for a revival! I enjoyed posting these so much and I learn so much when I dig into the principles Miss Mason sets out for the teacher, so here I am this morning, adding another teaching gem for you to consider. I know we're all wrapping up our years, and doing so always involves a certain amount of looking back....while also looking forward and considering anew, so it's a great time to consider some of these foundational ideas on the topic of teaching! Education Considers Relations To set the context for today's teaching gem, Miss Mason presents a phenomenal idea: the importance and necessity that education be rooted in relationships. That idea may initially seem like a saccharine notion, a throwback to a time long past and an idea well out of reach in a culture more focused on instant gratification than slowly building relationships, but I propose that it is not. Classically speaking, this idea may be essential in recovering a culture. When a child