Our New Learning Room – Reveal | Wildflowers and Marbles
I confess, I've had this post in draft for nearly two months now. In fact, this post is old enough that our learning room looks a little different today than it did when I took these pictures - I unpacked the geography cabinet and have it in place, the toddler got taller so art supplies moved up a shelf...but I think you'll get the idea! The room is cheery with south facing windows that let in an enormous amount of sunshine. I get this question a lot: "Jen, what are your top recommendations for a learning room?" and my number one answer is always the same - sunshine! So let's start with how this room became our new learning room! Remember, that our learning room used to be in our dining room? No? Take a look at these popular posts: A Detailed Look Through the Learning Spaces Refreshing the Learning Spaces A Little February Check-Up and Freshening the Learning Spaces That learning space carved out of what should have been a dining room worked for us - really well! For several