Let Them Wonder | Wildflowers and Marbles
As a classical home educator I sometimes focus on just doing the next thing. I'm living this knees-to-the-ground work; it isn't a theory, or an article - this is real life. Babies and teens; dishes and laundry; books and discussion; active work and scholé - I invest myself wholeheartedly, and there are some days I barely keep up. Sound familiar? In living out the nitty-gritty we may look past the grander perspective. We may not consider at the beginning of a day that we are literally, brick by brick, rebuilding a Christian culture through our very ordinary days. There was a particular day a few years ago that stands out in my memory in which I was privileged to see the grander perspective within the smallness of a day. The day started in an ordinary way for us, which is to say that it was naturally full, and my plans and booklists had been considered and lived enough that they were moving along on smooth rails (or smooth enough), which was reassuring. Our Morning Basket of work