Begin at the Beginning: Board Book Delights & Good Book Habits | Wildflowers and Marbles
Do you cherish these board-book-filled days as much as I do? They're sweet and tender aren't they? We're all preparing the soil in these delight-filled early years, and it is no less important that we do so with sweet and sturdy little books that are inviting and build the imagination with the good, true and beautiful. I'm often asked about our favorite board books, and I thought I'd share some of our treasures with you - maybe a few of these ideas will give your reading basket a hopeful start. You're beginning, right now in these earliest of years, to rebuild the culture! Yes, that's right - without a curriculum, without a scope and sequence, without overthinking it - one small basket of thoughtfully chosen books is all that is needed to begin to prepare their imaginations...beginning with the good. There are many ways to begin to open doors to delight - in imaginative play, working purposefully alongside mom and dad, and plenty of time with little books. You'll start right here,