Good To Great: Teaching Literature From Grammar To Rhetoric | Wildflowers and Marbles
Some time ago, the CiRCE Institute shared a 2003 conference talk by Dr. James Taylor on the topic of using the Good Books and the Great Books as part of teaching literature. It is an extraordinary talk and I took copious notes, just a few of which I'll share with you below. As Dr. Taylor observes in this talk, The Good Books cultivate the language, the situations of song, rhythm, and meter that we will find in the Great Books." If you're wondering how a Charlotte Mason education (one which embraces the "balanced whole") fits within a Classical education, this talk offers an illustrative key! Charlotte Mason lays the foundation through a liberal education of GOOD and worthy books and methods. Through an education of atmosphere, discipline and life, which points to the good, true and beautiful a student is made ready to enter the Great Conversation through the Great Books and Great Ideas. In a nutshell: Not only should we fit Mother Goose and Peter Rabbit before Aquinas and