You asked: What happened to the Learning Room? | Wildflowers and Marbles
I've shared with all of you that we are pursuing some remodeling plans. It's exciting...and daunting. As I planned our booklists this summer, I kept in mind that our year would need to be flexible and I began to consider ways to stretch outside of comfortable routines and spaces. Earlier this summer, I shared with you that I had to let go of this.... Challenging? Yep. But completely doable, and I enjoyed the challenge! Everything in this space was emptied. Everything... And our entire learning room was distilled into the most useful, most needed books and things that I planned for us to use for the year upcoming and it all landed....here... Yes, that's the picture book cart! Initially, when I emptied the learning room, I moved our few needed books to a small bookshelf in my bedroom, thinking that would be a good transitional solution. However, it only took one day of living our plans out {we began our lessons last week! :) } to realize that while workable, it wasn't the most