Morning Basket – Ageless, Inspiring…and Still Standing | Wildflowers and Marbles
As we wrap up our year, I'm looking back at a few plans and books to review and chat about. Without a doubt, our Morning Basket time continues to serve our growing family. What began around 8 years ago as a common point in the day with shared reading time, has evolved and grown into something that is full, and extraordinarily rich. At the time, I didn't see how essential this time would become, but I see it now. In revisiting my earlier thoughts on the Morning Basket, I came across how I originally began to envision our common time: I began to brainstorm a basket of inspiration that could be ageless in its offerings, that spanned abilities, that spoke to beauty and loveliness, and gave the day an inspiring start. My idea was to gather a collection of offerings that all the children would want to be a part of…a collection that could almost stand on its own for the day's work if needed. I know I've landed on something good (not good because I get credit for coming up with it, but