Charlotte Mason Teaching Tuesdays – It Begins With Authority | Wildflowers and Marbles
I'm beginning a series of reflections on teaching and teachers based on Charlotte Mason's writings. I decided to do this because in recent reading in Charlotte Mason's volumes, I just kept coming across these little gems on the topic of teaching, and they really began to stand out to me....and sink in. I enjoyed visiting with these ideas over the last couple of months for a few reasons: These thoughts - these ideas - are usually fairly succinct. And that's not difficult to imagine, is it? Because in a Charlotte Mason education, it's the child that does the work by self effort. {Volume 6, p. 6} The teacher's role isn't so much diminished or devalued - not at all!! The role of teacher is properly oriented so that she is not spoon-feeding, over-burdened, or driving the child's every interaction in the day. She is alongside. I found that these little gems of thought from CM on teaching pepper almost every volume of Charlotte Mason. They're not difficult to find, and together,