Notebooks – Acquiring Habits with Intellectual Effort | Wildflowers and Marbles
NOTE BEFORE THE POST : This post originally began as a book discussion introduction. If you arrived here looking for the original book discussion it is no longer retained (at the book author's express wish). What remains are my thoughts and the ideas that sprung from Charlotte Mason's writing on her notebooks as found in her 6 volumes and also from PNEU Programmes of study. "Will the mothers who are doing this {Mother's Education} course make it their duty to hand on the knowledge they get, as they get it, to {other} mothers...whether in the way of asking a few mothers to tea and chat, or in talk with a single mother in the course of cottage visits, or in mothers' meetings; anyway will they make "pass on" their watchword." Charlotte Mason, 1897, as written to the members of her Mother's Educational Course I hope I preserved ideas to "pass on" that are worthy of sharing. Resources and links that were originally shared as part of the book discussion are here: Notebooks - Resources.