A Year Considered: Nurturing Wonder In the Preschool Years | Wildflowers and Marbles
One of the most delightful times of learning: the preschool years. For children around the ages of 3 to 5, eyes are full of wonder and their days are replete with opportunities to learn: to know and understand, to investigate and discover. My job is not to get in the way too much! How can one get in the way? By so completely over-structuring days and time that all wonder-filled opportunities that present themselves in the smallness of the everyday are utterly snuffed out. No time for wondering aloud at the butterfly that landed on the flowers out the front window - we have to go to a class. No time for investigating, crafting, drawing, enjoying a picture book - we have x, y, and z planned. Does your preschooler need outside the home classes or opportunities? No. They need time at your side in the quiet of the home: reading wonderful and rich picture books, learning good habits of obedience, truthfulness, learning to work hard and give best effort, and enjoying time spent