A Considered Booklist | Wildflowers and Marbles
{Updated - 5/28/14} Hands down, the question most frequently asked of me is, "Where do you find all those book ideas for your booklists, Jen?" Many of you that plan and execute a Charlotte Mason education enjoy the books recommended by Mater Amabilis, or Ambleside Online, and I also truly enjoy the books that these resources suggest! I also find great joy and satisfaction in building a booklist of our own, a considered booklist. A considered booklist addresses the topics we are studying for the year while considering the people and season of life we're living. It is as malleable as I make it, and as accommodating as needed. A considered booklist begins by drawing from my own shelves so that I can make frugal use of resources I already have (so moms - invest wisely in your books and home library and it will serve you well!), and it reflects the period of history we're studying rather than a rotation someone else may suggest. It is able to address the science we choose to study for the